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F1000--Mains Audio Power Purifier Filter

  Price: USD $145.00

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       F1000 selects the unique patent filter method, broke through the traditional LC filter element, not can only eliminate in effectively the electrical network the disturbance and the noise and causes it to fall to lowly, moreover may cause the Hi-Fi, AV sound system's music signaling to be quicker, music low frequency transient response is better, in AV, in the Hi-Fi music, has listens to the feeling frequency sound width, the sound field level to be good, the detail performance is rich, the sound dyes the low status characteristic; In regards, listens to the system to be possible to strengthen reads the small dish analysis ability, causes in the image the three-dimensional sense of depth to be better, may to reduce the color to dye (enhances excitation purity), elimination background noise hemp (to enhance clarity) the aspect to be able to obtain the good effect, thus enables you to obtain the perfect seeing and hearing effect!


  • Sockets: 6 Universal + 4 US sockets.
  • Uses the high quality high-purity copper wire, reduces the transmission loss, enhances the energy the supplies speed.
  • Professional sockets and thick copper spring plates for tight connection and less loss.
  • Included local detachable power cable.
  • Heavy duty aluminum alloy chassis.
  • Protection for thunder shock and overload.
  • Input Rating: AC90~240V 50/60Hz.
  • Maximum Current: 15A.
  • Dimensions approx. 350 x 131 x 78(H)mm .
  • Weight: Approximately 2.2kg.

The following items are included with your Order:

1. F1000 Mains Audio Power Purifier Filter x 1.
2. Power cable x 1.
3. User Guide x 1.

At the time of purchase, please indicate the following:
Your couftry's voltagd specs.

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F1000--Mains Audio Power Purifier Filter (Exclude shipping cost) USD $145.00

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